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Carpet Cleaning Service Steps


Whether its your home, a business or rental we have you covered. Now days carpets to comes in so many different patterns, textures, sizes and colors.


Here at Atlas floor care we took a simple approach for getting your carpets clean. We focus on simple pricing and quality thats guaranteed. 


1st we start with walking the job to get an idea of what we will be cleaning and address any problem areas that might need more attention. 


2nd we are always aware of our surroundings. We do this by putting “moving blankets” at the entry door, “corner guards” to protect any edges from the vibration from our vacuum hose and use “furniture sliders” to help assist moving furniture.


3rd Vacuuming which in my opinion is one of the most important steps that is overlooked. By being able to remove more than 70% of the dry soil, before adding any type of cleaner.  Why make my job harder”


4th Preconditioning/Spotting - At this point we are almost ready to begin cleaning but before we need address any trouble areas. 


5th Cleaning - We use the recommend method of the carpet manufacture called Hot Water Extraction better known as “Steam Cleaning”


6th Rinse - Most cleaners have residue that is left in the carpet over time that residue begins to attract dirt. By remove all cleaning solution you are able to keep your cleaner carpet longer.


7th Groom - By “raking” the carpet it sets the fiber, removes the tools marks and helps improves the drying time.  



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